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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Car insurance

Car insurance

Car insurance

Car insurance

If you come to you, you have a car insurance policy with white add-on cover, you do not have financial problems at the time of trouble. The best car policy is the one that gets your claim and financial fund.
But this reason is not known for what reason people will come, in this I am going to tell you the 5 most important things related to car insurance, which will help you get the right car insurance policy.

Before proceeding, let me tell you, when the renewal of your car insurance policy comes, then many people contact you, they start telling you about the policy. Simultaneously, you start to get confused by seeing different statements.

Like the company I have given the quotation. Cashless  is available with this issue only provides cashless facility.Insurance facility will not get cash change facility. If you take a policy other than the dealer, you will not get cash less. If you change the insurance company, you will not get NCB.

If someone told you a low premium, then it is wrong, somewhere there will be a fault in your policy and when there will be a problem in the claim, no matter how many such things you give us any answer, but the confusion will be created inside. is.

Now you don't have to worry. I'm gonna tell you. If you take care of them, you will be able to take your policy and you will choose the right policy in your premium.

In today's date, all the company's Shailesh facility provides, whether it is a public sector company or a private sector company.It does not matter if there is no confuse at all, it is not that if you change the company, you will not get it or there will be a problem in the fort.Here I am not asking you to change insurance company. Rather, giving the right information, the person who has given the lowest cot is not necessarily a fault in the policy, it may be in the coat that has also said the highest premium.

Now let us talk about the 5 important things that you need to pay attention to.

1. IDv/Insured Declared value-

This is the value in which your car is insured. Any type of people Sumit Insurance Company does not pay much money, this is your current market price of your car.If you find this value to be lower then it can be increased from five percent to 10 percent by talking to the insurance company at the time of Naval. The premium of your insurance policy is a darect link.

If its value is low, its premium will be low and its value will be high, its premium will be high. As the car gets older, the IDV also decreases.This value is the ex-showroom price and age of the vehicle of the car.

Through the office table you can understand and calculate the ID of your car. Do not reduce the IDV at all to reduce the premium.
It is very important that the insurance of your car is on the value.
Car insurance


Keep in mind that this is also the amount that you have to give from your pocket in every claim. That is, whenever you make your claim, the amount will be reduced from the claim amount and the insurance company will settle them.Currently the standard access to the car insurance policy is one to thousands of rupees on a fifteen hundred cc car sending at the cubic capacity of the car and the access on a car above fifteen hundred cc is ₹ 2000. If you increase the access to your policy, it reduces the premium.

3.Add on cover-

It is very important that you pack Asia and additional premium, which can be taken according to your need, if necessary addon cover is in your policy. zero deprection cover return to invoice cover engine protection cover consumable cover quick acssistion cover key Replscment cover dally cash allowance cover Ncb protection cover pa to unnamed passenger cover etc.If your car is new then you must definitely have an invoice cover or return, then take an invoice cover.Other covers can be taken according to your choice and your budget.

4. NCB/No claim Bonus

If you do not have a car insurance policy, if you do not do it for the whole year, then you get a balance for NCB This discount claims keep increasing with the free year.You have to pay attention that NCB should be a clear notice in your policy and renewal notice if there is no Mention in NCB.So the other company will not be able to give more than 20 percent currency, Nirmali is Mentioned in all the times.Some companies have not mentions, or if I am not in your policy, then by communicating with the insurance company, you can take the NCB letter or NCB's end placement letter. After this, NCB will give discounts to all companies

5.Take written questions check details

After talking on the phone to Parle ji, after getting the call, get a quotation and keep in mind that the details of the car should be correct.

Registration No.
Make & model
Year of manufactureing
Engin No chassis number
Year Name

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