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Monday, January 20, 2020

How to make money on Pinterest

How to make money on Pinterest


I too have given permission to use direct affiliate links on Pinterest, one of the questions I get a lot about affiliate marketing on Pinterest is can you use Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest how affiliate disclosure To be safe, do what other affiliate networks you can use on Pinterest. So many questions and in this article I will tell you that Pinterest is your best Mbddh you should do to increase revenue. I am Anastasia of Anastacia

I am a Pinterest marketing expert and if you want about Pinterest traffic and that we go into details I want to answer a very common question about affiliate marketing on Pinterest. People often ask me if I I can make money on Pinterest with affiliate links if I don't have a website and in theory you can because your links will be very difficult Go in favor of the product you want to sell as an affiliate, but in reality you will find that most affiliate programs will require a website to register so that you can fill out an application to join any affiliate program or network Can. Most of them you will have to provide a website. Some networks will probably allow you to add links to your social media profile and in this case Pinterest will probably work but just be prepared that most affiliate programs will require a website as soon as you have someone Also to engage with affiliate problem, you need to check if they are allowed to use direct link from social media Do not give or not, for example I am showing you an affiliate network that I am working with. It is called share sale which has its products. There are many different niches as you can see all the categories here. And if you don't know where to start and how to find great affiliate offers then you can start here on ShareASale because it is a very large network that most likely we You will find one that suits your audience to your liking and once you are accepted to share a cell network, you will have to apply for each individual affiliate program separately, so that you have the default It is okay to not have access to all of them. It is okay to join the stock sale and before applying you can open each specific program and read their terms and conditions.
Are spun. Some programs will focus exclusively on affiliate links in social media, but I have to warn you that not all programs even mention this rule about socials. For example, the media in its Terms of Service for this particular product They say that social media publicity is explicitly allowed on Facebook Twitter and other social media platforms, but you will find many sites Somewhere you need to follow the rules and if you read carefully what they want you here? Simply saying that you are welcome to use affiliate links on your Facebook Twitter account and other social media platforms so that you can use it on your accounts but you can stop these affiliate links on Big Monkey social media account To post, which would then make no sense to go to the official page of a big monkey and post and post on your affiliate link, By no means is the only rule that basically you can use for this program and there are many other products that are clearly saying that you can use social media links. Now let me show you that you are a How to create a PIN with a direct affiliate link and I will continue to show you this example of ShareASale so we are going to upload the pin image to Pinterest first, so we are going to upload this PIN Let's first add a pin description pin title, then we add the pin description with all the keywords we want to target with this pin and with the relevant hashtag and one of the hashtags will be associated, you sponsor the hashtag or hashtag Can also use advertising because it is for disclosure because Pinterest is following the FTC guidelines. It is a common thing on the Internet that you have to . In this case EA Disclosure you are just applying these hashtags and I am not suggesting you do it really keyword research and add all the keywords related to the product you are advertising otherwise there is a lot of generating upin Less likely. Lots of clicks. If you want to learn how to do keyword research on Pinterest then I have another video about it, you have to click on this info icon on the top right corner to open that video and watch it later. That I also have Pinterest SEO Traffic Secret Course for those of you who really go through all the rules of search engine optimization for the pintrest platform. Want to know, especially these strategies will help you grow organic traffic which means you have to work but you don't need any advertising budget for this traffic and to finish the creation of this pin we need a There is a need to add a destination link so that in our case it will be a direct direct link to the product we go to to share the sale and I will check the default text link you clicked here, among other links to the footing. You will get the code and you select the selected URL. I just copy that code and I will insert it here in the destination link, ideally to save this pin you have to create a board or already have a board. This is the exact main keyword you are targeting. Are, but since I'm just showing you an example, I don't have any boards that actually have keywords like image editing image editing app in the title so I can just call it I will save one of my two biggest boards where I save everything related to my site that I am going to publish. Now let's see what we have in this pin so here is the pin and if you are on the left If you look down, you will see in the left corner you will see that this link is an affiliate link and it goes to the PicMonkey website, so having a direct link to the pin is a pin for affiliate marketing. There was a way to use terest and another way which in my opinion can work even better is affiliate link live on your website or your blow. I show you an example of a post here about the best gifts for Mother's Day. As you can see here in this blog post you make a collection of great gift ideas and you tell us how wonderful each of these gifts are and this Vacation provides value and builds trust so people read your post and they really think they should try and go and buy the same gift that applies to products like PicMonkey from my previous example if you Just send it to users like I showed you directly to pick up the monkeys. People on a landing landing page might be interested, but since they don't know anything about the tool that they will leave on the site without buying, but if you send them to your blog post where you tell How to use Monkey and why the tool is so great. You are adding value. Let me show you with this pin that we are going to this blog post, this is a long blog post, in which They are all screenshots of all the instructions, this is a complete tutorial and it also has a video from which you are adding value and you are building. Trust in this case that conversions are too much if you are looking for products Do not use links, but on your blog post, but certainly other methods when you create some information on a blog post or on your website. If you are suspicious of me, you can try both of these methods and see which one works best, I am sure it is directly affiliate based on the price of the product. Selling with links can be easy or difficult depending on its niche and the types of products you are promoting with your filat link and if this video gave you a Twitter Facebook Have helped to share it

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