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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Insurance helth

Insurance helth

We always take an insurance cover to avoid the events in our future. We know today that insurance cover insurance policy should be someone.

Insurance helth

Accident cover- 
If we have an accident in our life after taking this insurance, then we get injured and are unable to go to our work. Then this insurance comes in handy. Then this mind will give you  or big amount and Accident Insurance premium will be very Is less. Accident cover insurance is used in this injured condition, which makes our home move.

Critical illness-
If the insurance cover of 25 lakhs is taken in this insurance, then some of those diseases are reported such as serious diseases like cancer, Hurtac tumor. If any of these diseases happen, then you do not see the company at all. And you have got this disease after seeing the hospital certificates. Then the amount of insurance will give you 25 lakh rupees.

If we take medical insurance of five lakhs, then when we are admitted for treatment in the hospital, then the cost of our medicines today, doctor and hospital fees will be met by this mediclaim.

Pre-post Hospitalization-
How many days expenses will be reported as if we have been admitted on January 1, then till now and how many days later, this policy will cover us. There have been good policies that cover 120 days of expenses.

For example, we can see on the policy market or any other website that we have to take insurance cover up to 5 lakh. How much premium is coming in different companies than you want?

Bed charges-
It is to be seen that there is a policy of single bed, some policies are such that they say that we will give charge, room sharing will pay for bed sharing, we will not give private room charge. Sometimes it happens that the patients in the private room get the treatment right

Claim settlement-
When we will be admitted in the hospital in the future and we will now ask for a claim from the company in this and our expenses are there, then the insurance company will give you money, you should be fully aware of that.

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