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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Best ac india 2020

Best ac india  2020

Best ac india  2020

Best ac india  2020

Best ac india  2020 such a split AC window AC and how many tons of AC is needed, 1 ton, 2 ton 3 ton, salesmen do some such questions. You would like to buy it like this, inverter AC or normal AC, if you do not know the meaning of all these things, then today I tell you.

What is the difference between cooler AC? The water in the cooler goes upwards from the bottom and exits some water droplets with air which gives us cool cool air. This only cools the air. If you want to buy this, then you have similar type of window AC and split AC. By the same name, it is understood that window AC will come as a long unit.

A part of which keeps running from your window and your window will be blocked. It will be stuck in this, half the outside and half the part will remain inside. If there is a small room with no window in any room, then it works there. Speed ​​AC and split AC means to cut something in between and be used in two separate ways, an indoor unit becomes an outdoor unit.

Place the outdoor unit somewhere outside the wall brother on the roof and put the Indore unit in your room. A pipeline is laid out from the indoor unit which pierces your wall and removes that pipeline.

Nowadays, Split AC works more, the window AC which is more takes up our space, it is not the window in our house, so now we will install the end AC so the sprit AC runs more.

Now it comes to how many tons of AC you take in the AC market of different trains. This means I am speaking AC of 1 ton. Suppose 1 ton of ice is put in a room, equal to 1 ton AC cooling works.

1 ton AC runs in less electricity and 3 ton AC does not take much electricity, it is not necessary that the smaller room is equipped with 3 ton AC, half ton AC also comes, you have to select such according to the size of your room. .

For example, if you have to install more tons of AC in a big room and less tons of AC in a small room, how will you have to save your room is coming 100 square feet, then you need one ton of AC, such room size will increase accordingly. AC is installed.
Tell the size of the room you are taking AC from, which will tell you which one you will feel, you know how many stars take AC one star2 This style 4 star does not mean that less will take AC of this car. So he will be pooling less or if he gives more star AC, he will also be cooling more.

Star means that the more star's AC, the less electricity will be consumed and your electricity will be saved and if you buy two or three star's Asia, then your electricity consumption will be more, then it is up to you how many hours you use Let's have an inverter AC that keeps running and does not stop, so that our 25 degree temperature will be set, the inverter AC will not shut down, it will continue to work slowly, it will not stop completely. No energy will be used.

If you want to use such for a long time or years, then take the inverter AC, after all these things, one thing you have to see is the condenser coil that is in your copper or in aluminum, if you take this type of aluminum Repairing course is more. I have more on that and when a 2-year guarantee runs out it can get worse.

The LCK of the copper runs long term and the copper metal used for this cools well. Now it comes. Which company is different from different companies like mobile. Different companies like these come and do their publicity at high level. We take it online, before our offline market, you should check it in your offline market. Then if you buy online it is your choice


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