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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Apple iPhone 11 (64GB

Apple iPhone 11 (64GB

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iPhone 11 is the cheapest model in the 11 series and is the successor to last year's 10 that has been upgraded from last year and compared to the Pro versions, but what do you have to do to source the trade-offs, let's get into your 4 Knowing that [music] is intelligent in appearance, the iPhone 11 does not bring many surprises, it is quite similar to last year's iPhones, it is made of Ion, which makes the front and back frame stronger. Land. Although brushed aluminum is what you get on the more premium 11 Pearl models instead of stainless steel,

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the iPhone 11 comes in a set of new colors and a piece of purple that we see as affectionate and fresh and the new square camera setup puts it out. Stands compared to. The supporter model of the finish here is not frosty, but it will easily melt and not be scratch resistant, as water resistance has been bumped up from IP67 to IP68 this year, so it now survives less than 2 meters For half the hour of water the Pro model can go twice that depth is quite comfortable in the hand is slightly larger

than the 11pro, but is still fine for one-handed use, in fact the dimensions and Weights are similar to last year's iPhone 10. The iPhone 11 screen is also the same as the 10 Ours is a 6.1-inch IPS LCD with a large size notch cut and pixel density of 326 PPI, with bezels thicker than iPhones with OLED screens, but when you When standing them for the first time they stand up like they did last year. The screen is excellent with good contrast and accurate colors. The right tone feature automatically adjusts the white balance based on ambient light. It will adjust and although the panel is not as sharp as the Pro model OLED screen it was difficult for me to tell the difference with the naked eye, but what the iPhone 11 doesn't offer is HDR 10 support or Dolby vision which is high The levels are available on the model which brings the same low touch. Cyber ​​though thanks to 120 Hz input polling, it's a nice boost for gaming, but sadly the screen refresh rate is still overshadowed at the regular 60 Hz maximum brightness

 we measure over 640 NITs in a manual. There should be no problem in using the phone with the slider. Unlocking the phone is quite safe with Apple's Face ID that uses 3D facial mapping as well. Quite fast but still require you to swipe across the screen when you're identified for audio 11 The Pro has a pair of stereo loudspeakers' not as balanced as those on the Pro model that have top speakers Has more bass than most, but they still have a very well-measured loud sound and support for spatial audio. It's no surprise that No headphone jack and Apple do not just do not bundle the adapter but you that you get ear pods box can plug directly into the Lightning port. The latest iOS 13 runs on Point One at the time of the iPhone 11 review and is quite familiar though for some new features on the bri table one such feature is a system-wide dark mode,

 which unfortunately turns your all-white menu into black May change because it's an LCD screen that doesn't save you power like you would on an OLED, but hey it still cools down another change from the first screen instead of 3D Touch Su activates context-sensitive actions based on the pressure of your finger, now just the haptic touch that triggers things with a long press. There have been a few upgrades. Photo Editor that includes many to give your pictures the perfect touch. There are new options and filters and intensity sliders and it's not just photos, there are many options to customize your video, just a lot of photos and more When taking videos, keep in mind that storage is one. It is expandable here. If you buy the 64 gigabyte option, you can run out of space very easily inside the iPhone 11, this is Apple's new 13 Bionic chipset and with it here There is a performance of four GHz RAM. On the Pro version is the same as anything that Android has to say in the world by its unrivaled iPhone 11 aces benchmark providing 20% ​​better CPU performance over last year's chipsets. It works great even when they are quiet. It is said that continuous dispersion is great for something like heavy gaming for heat dispersion graphene layers, with no thermal throttling above it. Hi, the a13 is more powerful than last year's chip, the iPhone 11 has 30 100 million power batteries which is only slightly larger than 10r, but the battery life is better here as we have 94 hours in our proprietary battery tests Measured a great endurance reading. It is even better than the iPhone 11 Pro. Probably due to the different power draw from the screen, there is support for the 18 watt fast charging on the Pro model like this, but here it does not come with a phone. Only gets a 5 watt that charges the phone for only 18% and half an hour of zero while the faster charger will get you up to 55%. Qi for apple does not make ort a charging pad for wireless charging,

so you need to use a third party, moving to the camera here unlike the iPhone 10 R now has a 12 megapixel main camera At the top of the pixel is the single camera ultra wide shooter thing that's missing, although the third is the telephoto camera that comes with the Pro version in daylight photos from the main camera, with The soft details are impressively low noise and excellent dynamic range which is not perfect though the colors are accurate but if you enjoy the more vibrant look they look a little blurry and the washed out contrast is a bit less and something sharper. An interesting feature is called capture outside the frame. When you snap a picture with the main cam, the phone will also be taken with ultra wide two When it recognizes that

you accidentally knocked a person out of the frame, it would suggest a wider angle that fits the guy who also works for feature video. Ultra wide cam itself is very Average is this type of camera plays, this camera does not have any OIS or auto focus quality photos, these are color contrast and the dynamic range matches the main cam, but some are visible There is noisy noise and we want a more detailed portrait mode to use the main camera well. Lighting gives you good detail and color, but unlike the iPhone 11 Pro, this setup does not use another camera for depth mapping

 So subject separation is not good with some flaws here and proceed to photography at night when the light is found iPhone 11 will automatically switch to night mode And will be a pseudo long exposures, their quality is superb. Apart from this there are a lot of detail balance sharp, sharpening the best colors in the contrast balance exposure, we haven't got a single blurry photo whereas during shooting if you need to turn off the night mode, the result is still a lot of details. And are good with low noise but the exposure is dark. There is no night mode on the Ultra Ultra cam and if you try it in low-light Shoot the results are very bad. This year's iPhone is bringing an upgrade to the selfie camera. It is now 12 megapixels with a wider 23 millimeter land. The selfie cam will switch between the new wide area depending on the orientation of the phone in view or previous. One cropped like year or you can toggle it manually. Use selfie smart HDR and their quality is on top. Adequately balanced vista The R is over and the great dynamic range colors are accurate although still slightly washed out. The selfie cam can now take video up to 4k or 60fps and is stable, although it does quite well but there is no autofocus here. You can also charge a slow fee, which Apple calls slow-mo selfie video in 1080p at 120 fps. It's kind of artificial but you can have some fun with it. Videos from the rear cameras can also be taken at 60k to 4k, they are all EZ and can use smart HDR and have a wider stereo sound recording for 4k video from the main camp. Low noise spot-on with lots of detail. Sharpness

Impressing Dynamic Range and True-to-Life Colors don't really look as colorful as they do in still photos, either from ultra wide snapper or in 4k footage The City is mediocre, lacking in detail and the corners are soft, but still have good color contrast and dynamic range so the iPhone 11, although it's a budget option, still bring some top-notch features such as water-resistant design such as color options A bright LCD screen is good. Stereo speakers are world-class display. Great photo quality especially at night and really good battery life. So what about the drawbacks, well you don't have a fantastic OLED screen or telephoto cam and glass on the back compared to the Pro versions. It is frosted that the lack of a proper charger in the box is outrageous but overall the iPhone 11 still brings a lot of experience as the Pro versions had a much more competitive price, cheaper than the 10 GHz, 64 gig option. 700 rupees is still far from a budget phone, but it is definitely more than a thousand attractive and people are entitled to a recommendation thanks to the fall

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