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Monday, March 23, 2020

Coronavirus vaccine COVID-19

Coronavirus vaccine COVID-19

Coronavirus vaccine covid-19

Many people are doing their part by social disturbances and self-isolation as the Cova 19 corona virus epidemic spreads but a big question in the minds of many people is what we expect in relation to a vaccine. Can do so that there is a ton of fascinating things happening in vaccine research right now, they are seeing it as a vaccine, but to understand it, we must first talk about it. Hia year vaccine in 1796. How did that work was the first official commentary by Edward Jenner, in which he had Pox cow. Virus and injected it into a small boy who was later able to confirm that the boy had not developed smallpox which was a related virus so that's really how it usually works when you're infected with the virus. It begins to take over the machinery of your cells. Make copies of yourself, but these actions eventually trigger an immune response that causes your body to Heir macrophages begin to form specialized cells like B-cells and T-cells that not only try to destroy the pathogen but destroy it. Collect information about what is the best way to defeat it. And this part is especially important because if the virus comes back again it can be immediately ready to attack your body but the body It takes time for Shir to do all this and so if a virus starts enough or compromises someone, it can cause illness or death, where vaccines come, there are many different - There are different types, but the goal of all of them is to prepare and train your immune system. Before you get an infection, it is going on like that when your body is hit by the real virus. An attack is made, as it has an advantage because it already knows how to take down invaders. Most vaccines work by injecting some aspect of the virus or the bacteria in your bloodstream to protect you depending on the stress Trying, we are going to focus on the virus today, once administered in bloodstream it is not a real virus, though The body reacts. This is a real threat. It allows the fragments of macrophages to differentiate. It allows T-cells to recognize and bind foreign antigens that turn them into all different types of immune cells and some Triggering what is called a memory cell, even after fighting the body, it sticks and it is these memory cells that make a quick copy Allows for caries. When the real virus shows the effectiveness of the vaccine, it has allowed us to almost eradicate diseases such as measles and of course the recent vaccine hiccup movement in which the account gains back, even if they provide immunity. To be a very powerful tool to protect individual and large communities and for the whole of humanity in our ever connected world अब Now more than one type of vaccine is won. Viruses like measles mumps and rubella present weak or asymptomatic forms of the virus in your body that are very effective, but those with passive immunization-associated immune systems such as polio or hepatitis A Dead pathogens that have been killed by heat or chemicals cannot be given to people. Use weak immunity. Can be done on people with the system but they are not great for long-lasting immunity because they do not stimulate the real thing as well as live vaccines and often vaccines with multiple doses like hepatitis B or influenza Requires the use of a specific protein or carbohydrate from the pathogen that still triggers an immune response. There are a few other experimental DNA vaccines but perhaps the most relevant is a new technique of vaccines called mRNA vaccines that you have recently heard about because they are currently under development and have begun testing on humans potentially kovat. To combat the spread of 19, the private company Modern has created a vaccine called mRNA Ek Do Seven Three and has started receiving 45 healthy adults. The vaccine is unprecedented because they have abandoned normal years of animal testing and are instead doing it at the same time as their human trials, but experts believe they get permission because they Not actually putting a modified virus into individuals, but a sequence that codes for small protein spikes that are on the virus that are The new ones join the cells. The hope is that this mRNA will be processed in your cells and make them spike like proteins that will be on the virus which will then trigger your immune system to kick into action and ultimately to your body. Will be ready when the real thing happens. To push this forward on the bill because Chinese scientists have linked the genetic material of SARS Co v2 to the virus that causes Cowan 19, this information was released to the public in January, Has helped laboratories test and manufacture TK Parsco V2 stocks. With the SARS virus, we have known since 2003 about between 80 and 90% of its genetic material, both consisting of a strip of ribonucleic acid inside a globular protein cap. Success that is included in the spikes means that some are able to get the vaccine information where the SARS vaccine has stopped and I know that we have said that they have already started giving it to humans, but This is simply to test for safety. Ensure that there are no negative effects and to see if it actually tests antibodies. There are three stages and the first step is to test for safety and make sure there are no negative adverse effects. The second phase is to test for efficacy and usually you give it to a large amount of people where the disease eg. For now, they are doing it in Seattle in the third phase, thousands of people are now waiting for the trial to continue in great detail. B If appears the vaccine say that the FDA before being technically ended in safely be modernized, the first phase to the second phase. You can start imagining how long it will take you to give this experience to people. Mental vaccines. You can't just give them up and you can give them viruses and disease to go out and live their lives and see what happens when they contract it when they are probably given to the next tested person. Do not have to look. People in the control group who did not receive the vaccine and started to see what happens also works. This makes people unwell, it does nothing for example in 2004 when a SARS vaccine was tested. Had been vaccinated, developed ferrets could develop a harmful inflammation in their lungs after virus approval if the regulators approved similar products. The first flu vaccine has been well designed and is to be updated annually but Tsarskoe v2 virus is a novel pathogen in humans meaning that many technologies are being used to develop vaccines relatively. There are hundreds of labs all over the world unused when it is creating amazing headways for treatment and anything regenerating SARS Exposing vaccine research and a Canadian scientist hoping to start clinical trials at the Spring Shore-Out has isolated the Tsarskoe v2 virus, which will inevitably help to find a cure and truthful future vaccines It usually takes decades to produce a vaccine at each stage. Before starting those steps from mice to non-human primates to test for genes, from genome sequencing to testing for genes to isolate viruses in vitro, we introduced the safety step 2 for step 1. For efficacy phase 3 asked to expand before expanding it. Even asking for a license and then wondering how to make enough vaccines for the whole population to say that experts believe that with record-breaking time we are somewhat optimistic People can get a corona virus vaccine within one to two years. Consider the bright side of life and actually think of some of these more experimental ways of making vaccines. Hey, we think we can get one in eight months and some more conservative estimates have taken more than two years, even the vaccine that has already gone into human trials, About which we've talked to the Seattle company Madonna, which is still going to take a year and it's also important to remember that this is a private company and therefore they have personal interests, so it's really a thrill Wh en are in the headlines, their stock faces risks in either of these short deadlines to help in this way, not to mention that many countries around the world develop their own versions of these vaccines Trying and if they meet somewhere they are going to vaccinate their own population. It will be a long time before we have a vaccine that can be used on the world's population. We are able to say that this is not just to discourage people, but also to help us understand the realistic timeline. We also have some friends. Oh, things like we told you, after getting a vaccine in two weeks, Will get out of this and it is such that it does not work like we can treat ics and relief for those who are infected with yes and give us a record time vaccine That comes out which is entirely a possibility, but we cannot count on it to solve our immediate issues and is it possible that we may never see a covet 19 Vaccine is a possibility That all of this really emphasizes the continued need for research and the need for science funding after the 2003 SARS epidemic, much of that research has died down and removed the money from that vaccine Which is disappointing because all of that research and money if we wanted to continue it is very useful. There is no SARS vaccine right now because once it was dead that research and money had been cut when this epidemic happened. Eventually, we need to remember our lessons. The past is that we need to continue science and research and ensure that when these things happen again If we are, we will be more ready, we will say it now and we will say it again and this is what you need to vote for. Science requires you to elect politicians who believe in science and who have listened to scientists when Meanwhile this policy comes so it is so important that we physically distance and separate ourselves so that we wash the curve regularly and thoroughly Central. Be on the lookout for legitimate sources to keep you updated on news and information as well as advice, this is an unprecedented time and it is such an important moment in history for science communication when we really think it's amazing how many people Has made videos there of how everyone sorted and took to Twitter and Instagram to try and disseminate appropriate scientific information and We are thankful that I think we should also thank everyone for whether this healthcare worker Greg Sister is really a respiratory donkey who drives a ventilator. We are really like one of the most important people in the world right now. I want to say that you know that the grocery store is w orkers and clerks, there are scientists and researchers there, everyone is working in hospitals and so on More that are important roles of this kind and we appreciate your very

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