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Friday, March 27, 2020

free hosting for lifetime

free hosting for lifetime

Free hosting for lifetime

In this post I will show you how you can get free hosting for lifetime anyway. You do not need to enter your credit card and now before proceeding if you have a subscriber and hit all the future.
To get information about the video, ring the bell again, if it is not that, let's start it. Now the first thing I want to tell you is If you want to buy a new hosting plan for your website then we have many. The people available said that those who provide you hosting for it, but they will charge you a huge amount for it, if you are ready to buy the hosting from them or they will charge you a huge amount for it. You cannot buy a hosting service for a month or two, you have to buy this plan for at least a year or a year and a half so that the website that I am going to show you in this video is cool on this website. Your lifetime free hosting will give you unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage and even you do not need to enter your credit card details, you have to give them any amount Is not required and even I personally use this website to host my own website which is the best part. You can check the form link. Description of the video. Now first I will give you Let me tell you some features of this website, in this link we can host unlimited websites and you will get cloud hosting with cPanel, this SSL certificate free summer Is really good and their support team is really good my experience with this website is really good.

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 You can get unlimited resources active social media team, you can check their Facebook page. You do not need to enter any credit card information for your hosting and they will not see any kind of advertisements on your website. It is about PHP and MySQL and you will get unlimited disk space and you will get unlimited from this website. Website hosting will also be available, so these are the main features of this website. If you have any doubt about this w you may have any question, Just go to Thompson's thunder on this website and read them all, you will get all your answered advertising systems and condition pages, now without further ado walk to our sign up process and all you have to do is click on this website. On the signup button on the home page then select your state, you can select any property you want and once you select your state, just order now Click on the button. Now the next step is to enter your existing domain and you can buy the domain from the domain. Any website you want to visit, I buy this domain from go because I only get this domain for Rs 125. In which, now you have to enter your domain once, for this you just have to click on the Use button, then you will get this kind of page. Just click on the checkout option given here, you can see that there is no need for you to pay them any amount, so here you have to fill this form and in this form you will get your new name, your phone number, your Email address as you need to fill out. Some of the more basic things so important now that you have to remember while filling this form is that this option they asked you if you have already liked this view and Facebook page, then you have to select Yes And you also have to like the Facebook page of the audience because they are going to verify you later too, so just go to Google and search for their name and just on their Facebook profile Go and like their Facebook page by your original ID so that once you like their page here, the next thing you need to do is enter your Facebook URL again go to Facebook and go to your profile and your profile URL Copy and just paste it as this is the checkout form. Now the next thing is the site content. Here you have to enter details about your side which you have to explain. Regarding what you said, make sure that whatever you are typing here is true.

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The next thing is to choose a strong password for you password, now the next payment method is, you can choose a PayPal for payment meter D don't worry if you don't have a PayPal account just select it and after that you You can add some extras or if you want you can also copy the same thing that you enter about so much entry only under the accepted terms and conditions of the calculation order. Now here we will get your order confirmation number. Now the next thing you have to do is click on continue the client area button. Now once you click on it you will get your dashboard. Now you have to do it here. Click here on the services that you will get your website and this situation should be pending in your case, so you have to activate yourself, now it You have to click on the open ticket option at the top of the website. On the open ticket again here you have to choose the option called New Account and now here you have to fill this form and in this form you have to fill this details that I am going to show you, now you select this subject as new account department. And
related service as your website and your city, which you select first and remember in the message section here, you have to type the same thing that you copied earlier or subtracted Checkout was quick type nearing a level of S, which now you have to take a screenshot of your Facebook page. And if you do not know how to take a screenshot, then continue to watch this video. You also have to go to the book page and in a new window you have to go to search and type the stepping tool, just select the nipping tool and Click on Windows area and it will take us can sort your windows and just save it anywhere in your computer once you save it once again just go as this lady and click on attachment option or image option Select then select the screenshot that you save first. After knowing the device, once you have

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to just go to the submit button with it, then in the form given below  You have to click on submit option, now you have to click on Continue after the ticket is created and you will also get the ticket ID, so now you have to wait at least two hours and it can take up to two and now for 24 hours Inside you will find a mail form, which is now calming down. Here you have to click on the ticket URL at the bottom of this page and you will have to provide all the details that whatever they are asking for, click on the ticket URL at the bottom of your mail and it will be every wien you say Will open and here you have to click on the answer button and click once. Answer button Here we will find a message section and here you have to type everything that is asked by the audience in your received mail, they can also ask you for a screenshot of their domain if they ask that another type of domain And get help as you consult this message as an attachment, so once you are done with all of them, all you need to do is click the submit button Will and now is that you have to stay in bed for a few more minutes or something else and they will send a confirmation mail to you and you will receive another final mail form which is being calmed d which contains all the details about your hosting You can join such as cPanel login or anything else that is required for hosting and rarely is it that now you can start hosting your website here you can go to services tab You can check the status of your website and if you want to use your cPanel now, all you have to do is click on the option we say and you will get a login option for cPanel. Now you can log into your cPanel using all the details that were provided to you in the mail and that's it for this post. I hope you liked it

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