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Sunday, March 29, 2020

free keyword research 2020

 free keyword research 2020

Free Keyword research 2020

Today we are going to talk about free keyword research so you are ready to follow and see how to use the number one best free keyword research tool available today and finally you are going to get all that You need to make your content more effective with marketing and your search engine optimization strategy, now be sure to hit the subscribe button because I have some keyword suggestions tools that I am going to teach in future videos, so unsubscribe and ring the bell, if you want that when you make me aware of that video, of course I would appreciate any choice. , Which shares everyone, but here is the tool so the tool is ubersuggest and you can get it, just suggest to uber to calm down the cool su gigi est and it's a flowing This is a simple tool. Now it's made by Neil Patel. I got a little story that I was hanging out with him at an affiliate conference in Vegas and I know a little bit here, I share the back story, which I I share a little bit, but now the easiest way to start jumping is to go to this search bar and type in a keyword phrase that you are looking for. Here are some examples and we are about to start with the best kitchen knife. Now you know if I am doing an affiliate blog if I am a mommy blogger who does a lot about cooking and recipes, So this is what I am going to do now. You are going to notice the first thing in the top right corner that you can register for free and get more keyword suggestions, Gonna see where it comes from and I don't really use it. This is the next video I'm talking about. I've found five different keyword suggestion tools that blow the doors of this , It's probably good to just sign in and get it because you're using this tool, but be sure to subscribe so that you get the next video now first thing. It is a search volume that you see right above,

however the reason you want to focus on searc h volume is when you are marketing content, if you post your videos to your blog, they will show your videos Post correctly, they are an alignment with people, if you title them incorrectly it means that no one will be able to do what you are doing . Because you simply chose the phrase that no one is really searching, the first metric we are focusing on here is the one that is the actual search volume and then SEO difficulty is now SEO difficulty is an organic number. Pay difficulty is clearly paper. It is clearly cost per click and SEO difficulty is another factor you want to keep in mind, so you always have a bit of psyche. That you are playing a balance game that you want high search volume but you also want low keyword difficulty or low SEO difficulty as he calls it here and then he gives you a little head that the average page rank has 51 backlinks And there is a domain score of 79, now he does not say exactly how he calculates the difficulty and the D omen score which is one of my challenges and why the premium paid The ools that I still use personally give me more information so that I can get a bit more surgical with my data to know what I need to do to get ahead of the competition but if it is If you are on a budget, then if you do not have 50 rupees a month to invest in a proper device, then this is a great place where we now look down and you are looking कि they have additional keywords suggested here but they are all the same and this is one of the drawbacks of this tool that they are similar to how they are now getting you here These tabs on the keyword ideas on the right actually give you more The keywords will bring suggestions, so I just went by the related suggestions and they are still very similar, we get the best kitchen knife sharpener at this point, but then in the questions we And these questions are related to the best kitchen knives, so who makes the best kitchen knives, but if you look at the amount of keywords that were down there are very few still relatively high SEO difficulty scores to recover. As for that, you can make proposals where they start adding all of its different words and then compare these types of phrases to compare िए is used, so if you maybe notice that when I flip through these suggestions it doesn't change all that right now. It's really valuable data below. It's showing you that currently our main What is the ranking for the keyword phrase that we have typed which now has the best kitchen knives.

 One of the things that he adds is really smart. This Facebook social Chair and it gives you a sense of which post actually gets the most shares. Now you might think that oh, definitely not the first one that isn't always the first and that tells you that you Really want to see the type of content that is shared a lot because it means they have hooked up the angle they did in that post for some reason when By lightly viral I mean if you look at the numbers then there are 10 times more social shares than the number two and the number 2530X is almost 50 times compared to the three result, so that's a lot more share so that's it The place where you can understand what ranking is is the first page of Google that people have shared and this is the type of content you want to study and you want to model Because you want to create the kind of content that people love to share, hopefully you will like this video, share it on Twitter or share in a Facebook group where other digital marketers know that my content I have a goal with and so should your goal with your content, so this is really the basic level of working with it. Want to show you what I usually do. I want to go so deep that I'm not really the best kitchen knife. I'm gonna do the best kitchen knife for vegetables because I love exclusivity and my goal here We have to reduce the SEO difference imaginary which we did but at this time we have only 10 searches per month and this is the right path. This is the pattern. This game Which we are playing as search engine marketers. Are we really trying to find those keyword phrases. We have less difficulty to go as well as a higher search volume that I really like keyword phrases. The kind that are betwen five hundred and five thousand searches per month with little difficulty because I can often go after them and rank really well That give the best gift as we are recording it, we are in the holiday season and of course for the best gift I am missing a few things like I do not literally end that sentence so I The most common phrases I want to see are the best gifts for a friend, the best gifts for men, the best gifts for a man, the best gifts for a mother So this is giving me a sense of who is actually searching for the best gift and that gives me the types of gifts that I can possibly find and then again you can search for all kinds of keyword suggestions. Right through the ch on the right, which they offer and this keyword is actually to go with it to get ideas and to get different ideas This is a great way, let us go to the keyword ideas here left panel so I just clicked on the left panel and here where it gives you an opportunity to get even more keyword phrases and it takes a minute to load because it Pulling data from many different sources when I was speaking with Neil. He actually said this device when we talked last time that it was going to cost sixteen thousand dollars per month to run, so the question is whether it's going to be free forever and also that it Why is he investing all this money and I have got the answer that he asked me, after that I asked him and you can see here that it will give you four hundred thirty five more tips for free. But all you need to do is sign in to Google, but I'm trying to show you all the different ways that you can use this tool and it will give us all the best gifts from mom or other. Get below for the best gift etc. There are lots of different phrases here, now we have the best gift for the search results page and what gets the most social share so I'm going down for the best gift for a year old and I'm on the little arrow I am going to click that it reacts. It searches the main page. Now I can see it here on this main page. Yes, 1,400 shares have been received and then this post has got 90 shares here. The kind of content you want to see and maybe you are looking at the first person drone or racing drone and maybe you're just getting to know that Your niche is where you are in the world of drones, so you are trying to come up with new ideas and again here we are noticing that most of the keywords that suggest are really accurate phrases Including, so it's not going out and I'm looking for FPV even though FPV is here V xin but it always comes back in drone racing and it's a perfect example right here. The racing drone league has actually scored Sir 16 difficulty. Which has forty four hundred volumes. These are the types of numbers that I really want to see because it means that I'm on the first page with a relatively new website And I could probably create a bunch of traffic, but then it becomes a question of whether it is relevant to your audience. Well, like the relevance search, the real intention behind it is actually something that Meaningful for the audience. If you are teaching people how to make and run drones then talking about finding a local racing drone league definitely does and Obviously people are looking for it so that it is a great way to meet your audience where they are and introduce them to your brand and your content, etc., let's flip through other keyword phrases like That you see I'm going to relate it 'Still racing on all drone based stuff, so you have questions people often ask, So you propose in comparisons etc. so what I want to do now is open I'm going to do some reverse engineering of a competitor through this keyword tool so I'm going to look at racing drones so fpv com You notice number two is actually a ton of social shares. Sixteen thousand social shares from the right number two and I'm pulling this URL is here and we go back to the top of the home page. And now I'm going to start with domain names and lead, so for the first time when we use this tool, we go in from the view point. Here I know about my keyword phrase in the topic But I want to talk. I know I'm looking to cover this, it's reverse engineering that is working for your rivals, so I'm just typing that Getting FPV. Obviously we're assuming a drone in the first person. It's a drone niche. If you don't know what fpv is then what are we capable of now, are we essentially able to see that it What the person is ranking and you can see that they are ranking for more than 66,000 keywords and they are getting about 200,000 monthly visits which they have very high domain score and their There are a lot of backlinks so this is a very strong website which is exciting for us to know what you can do now that you can see their top SEO pages here and you can see by country that it What is showing us literally. Their best pages that they are getting the most number of are very valuable as content for us, so I can see cameras for drones. HD drone cameras are actually their number one post, so now I think

SEO Tool Free Trials: 7 Awesome SEO Tools You Can Try Before You Buy

 free keyword research 2020

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools on the market.
It is packed choke-full of SEO features, enough to cover the entire cycle of website optimization.
It is also one of the few SEO tools relying on its own data to do website analysis.
Ahrefs uses its own SEO crawlers to scan the web.
It claims to have the biggest commercially available backlink database and one of the biggest keyword databases on the market.
While no SEO tool has a complete view of the web, Ahrefs is probably as close as one can get.
Over the years, Ahrefs kept adding more and more SEO features, to the point where it can be a little overwhelming for those just starting out with search optimization.
The tool is a much better fit for intermediate and advanced users, like SEO freelancers and SEO agencies.
Free Trial
Ahrefs does not offer a free SEO plan, but it offers a trial plan so cheap that it’s almost free.
For $7 you can try either the Lite or the Standard subscription plan for a week.
Credit card information is required, so beware of recurring payments.
Ahrefs offers four paid subscription plans: Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Agency, priced at $99, $179, $399, and $999 per month respectively.
A well-rounded SEO tool with an emphasis on smooth user experience.

 free keyword research 2020

SEMrush is a direct competitor of Ahrefs and the two tools are often used interchangeably or even in combination with each other.
But, if I had to pick a personal favorite, I’d give my vote to SEMrush as it strikes a better balance between comprehensiveness and user experience.
SEMrush is easier to navigate than Ahrefs and, in fact, than most SEO tools out there.
It’s got a lively color-coded interface, logical workflow and tab position, and professional-looking SEO reports with plenty of templates to choose from.
In that regard, if you have to share your results with a client or a teammate, then SEMrush will set you up with a nice presentation.
There also seems to be a consensus in the SEO community that SEMrush does a better job at keyword research.
So, if keyword research is your primary concern, then SEMrush might be a better way to go.
Free Trial
SEMrush offers 7-day free SEO plans on its Pro and Guru subscription plans, but no trial on its higher-end Business plan.
The plans are priced at $99, $199, and $399 per month respectively, but some features, like competitive analysis and additional users, will cost you extra, to the tune of $200 per month per additional user.
Easy-to-learn software for entry-level SEO professionals.

 free keyword research 2020

Another all-rounder, Moz Pro offers some of the most popular website optimization features, from site audit to keyword research, to rank tracking.
Compared to other tools, Moz Pro is a little easier to navigate than either Ahrefs or SEMrush, but also a little lighter on SEO analytics.
One thing that really stands out about Moz Pro is its use of smart metrics.
When you do keyword research, for example, each keyword is analyzed for difficulty, opportunity, potential, and importance.
Using so many metrics is a bit of an overkill, but still, a fun thing to play with.
Another example of a smart feature is crawler alert prioritization.
With Moz Pro, you can run automatic website crawls and receive alerts prioritized based on page importance and issue type.
Free Trial
A 30-day free SEO plan is available for the Medium subscription plan only, but it’s got all the same features that other plans have, so it’s a fair way to assess whether you’d want to pay for any other subscriptions.
Moz Pro offers four subscription plans: Standard, Medium, Large, and Premium, priced at $99, $179, $249, and $599 per month respectively.
Well-designed SEO tool with a knack for data visualization.
 free keyword research 2020
SE Ranking is another universal website analysis tool that wants to have it all, and thus offers the usual collection of website optimization features.
The way the features are stitched together feels a little haphazard, but the features themselves make a solid effort to visualize data – a real step-up from the usual spreadsheet-like format of other SEO tools on the market.
One thing I love most about SE Ranking is the layout of competitor research reports.
All you have to do to get a report is open the corresponding tool, state any domain, and get a full competitor profile within seconds.
The report is organized into over a dozen visual snapshots for such metrics as organic and paid traffic, ranking keywords, top pages, top competitors, and top PPC campaigns.
And with a click of a button, each snapshot turns into an in-depth report for any given metric.
Free Trial
SE Ranking offers a 14-day free SEO plan, but some of the features have limited functionality during the trial period.
Most tables containing data, for example, do not go beyond the first 10 rows – you can run some page by page audit, but nothing at scale.
SE Ranking has highly customizable subscription plans. The final price depends on:

  • How often do you want your SERP rankings checked.
  • How many keywords you want to track.
  • How many search engines do you want to be used.
  • And so forth.

  • The cheapest plan starts at just $18 per month, but, depending on your choice of features, it can go as high as $900 per month.
    An SEO tool that leverages the data from multiple sources.

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