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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Zoom meeting app 2020

Zoom meeting app 2020

Zoom meeting app 2020

this zoom tutorial starts at the very beginning at registration and takes you through to finishing and uploading your zoom video to the blackboard classroom for evaluation to follow these directions be sure to one have a functional webcam already connected to your computer and to have the latest version of zoom on your computer the latest version is available for manual download at this link here we are on the home page of your classroom your first step if you haven't already completed it is to register for your free zoom account you can do that by first clicking on week 1 then scrolling down to the zoom section once there click on the click here link to create your free zuma account on the next page enter a valid email address then click on register the next screen tells

You to open that email account what the instructions call your email ID and find the activation email that was just sent to you so let's close this window and in a new browser go to the email account we provided the email will be from zoom and its title will be zoom account invitation upon opening the email you read that men Lee created a zoom account for you and that your email address needs to be verified so we click on the link click here to activate your account on the page that opens go to the areas where you supply your first name last name and a password and fill those in you must confirm the password so be sure to record it somewhere for safekeeping click continue after confirming your password you'll be taken to your zoom home page and you have successfully completed the account sign-up process

now let's focus on creating your video at the top right of the page find host a meeting and click on its drop down arrow or Chevron in the drop down menu that appears highlight and select with video on a window that says launching will appear in a few seconds a screen with your webcam will also appear if you're prompted to do so click on open zoom meeting and a screen with your webcam will appear if nothing at all happens at the launch window click on download and run zoom after launching zoom using one of the three methods you should be seeing yourself on your webcam you'll see a dialog box that asked you to choose an audio option click on the green button in the middle join audio conference by computer this will allow you to use any microphone plug into your computer it's a good idea to place a checkmark in automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting in order to bypass this step the next time if you're using the Firefox browser you'll see this page in the launch application dialog box

highlight zoom meeting place a checkmark in remember my choice for zoom meeting links and click on open link with your webcam screen open drag your pointer to the bottom of the screen a set of tools will pop up now if you wish to stop seeing yourself while you complete the setup you can click on the video camera icon where it says stop video this is a toggle switch for turning your webcam on and off on the far left is a microphone icon when you speak the icon should fill with green indicating your microphone is connected with zoom if the microphone icon does not fill with green when you speak click on the arrow next to the icon in the pop-up window look at the top at the options that appear under select a microphone select the option that will cause green to appear in the microphone icon when you speak to the right of the microphone icon is the video camera icon click on the arrow next to the icon for the zoom settings menu click on video settings and a new window will open that will allow you to select between widescreen and original ratio and also touch up your appearance by clicking on audio you will be able to test your speakers and microphones a very important setting is recording location note where on your computer your zoom videos will be stored you can change the location by clicking on change file location now X out of this window when done now make any adjustments to yourself lighting a background that you need to and when you're ready click on the record hi this is David Taylor and this is a quick test video for assignment number one using some audio check and video check in the top left of the screen and bottom right is a record toolbar you can pause the video by clicking the double bars and restart it by clicking the play button when you're finished recording click on the square stop button now go to the location where the zoom file is stored a folder will be named by date with the year first and then your name open the folder you will see files that say double-click to convert double-click in Windows or command left click or Mac on one of these files a conversion process will take place and you'll see three new files named audio underscore only playback and zoom underscore with a number probably 0 if this is your first recording the file labeled zoom underscore number is your dot mp4 video open this last file zoom underscore number in your video player to ensure you're satisfied with the result if you are this is the file that you should upload to complete assignment number one to do so go to week three scroll down to assignment number one and click on the submit assignment link to upload your video file congratulations you've just completed your first zoom video assignment

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