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Monday, August 10, 2020

History of Aadhaar card

History of Aadhaar card


To give you quick information about alternate numbers and cards. I think many of you even have one in your wallet and it is not good for those who do not have it. The government has not made it. Mandatory and you can continue a life without one, but then go ahead and make one. If I have to do a comparison, the Aadhaar card is similar to the social security number in the United States. Under this system, every citizen of India has one Unique identity is found. The number and this number will primarily be used as the basis for efficient delivery of benefit services,

 Which is basically to avoid leakage of records and documents and the document is voluntary, but is a demographic and biometric test. Basically it is to create a common database of India's interpolation. It is a universal proof of identity and its use. Can be done anywhere in India as it is a government project. Its primary intention is to use it for its leveraging service. Take advantage of all subsidies from the government. Again a new income is below the poverty line. With the help of Aadhaar card you can avail subsidy on ration and give a view from the nearest public distribution center. If you want to read it means that one of the people below Much to the large section, due to the poverty line in India, I have drawn my glory for the poor people who according to John are more connected jointly than your normal plan working in rural and unorganized sector, but any Pension scheme will be an option for you to get pension in old age without the intervention of middlemen. Contribution is required, though a mandatory requirement for the card to avoid any duplication of records with an Aadhaar card

For which you can link your bank accounts by reading subsidy on LPG connection, it comes under direct benefit transfer scheme. A withdrawal of some amount to your account means that the bank account is mandatory for another card again. And now for those who are not taking advantage of any government scheme benefits or subsidies that I will talk about, can make the identification process easier and quicker. It is widely for us during job interviews. Passport exams are also appearing for exams, so these are all the reasons to get an auto quote. Okay now let me tell you how this idea of   auto came about, what is the history till now let's make a short time. 9. It all started in 1999, immediately after the Kargil War. What is intelligence failure during war. This investigative committee was chairing the case of Ammonium who was a strategic affairs analyst in this report, suggesting that Indian intelligence was restructured in the month of January compared to the year 2000, a report from the committee containing a The proposal was suggested, but citizens in villages said identity cards should be issued to 80 others near the border, which was clearly a strategic step towards strengthening the Indian intelligence system.

 Then a year later, in 2001, a group of ministers led by LK Advani accepted the recommendation for an ID card, the report said that the multi-purpose national ID card project needed to be launched soon. Then in 2003, after 2 years, the citizenship amendment bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha by-election because according to Catalani there was a clause in the bill which said that the central government gives complicity to every citizen of India and the issue and national identity card is what I remember. In 2009, after a gap of 6 years in school days, the Planning Commission issued a notification to set up a department called Unique Identification Authority of India, which you can see in London on IDAI 20 20 / 3-2009 That who was the co-founder of Infosys was made IDAI as the President of this newly formed party. In April 2010, UIDI started its program in which the auto enrollment process was started, in which training programs were started, the individuals who were involved and thus the process was discontinued till 2000 1690. Other numbers were released Have been made and today it has been used in links in every possible subject.

From the inception of the project in 2009 till date, the government has spent a total of 85.36 8000000000 rupees or 1. $ 3000000000 on the auto project in this year's budget, the expenditure amount for this project was reduced to a higher participation percentage - this was India. Everyone is also aware of the social security number of how the meaning of officers is captured, which is the basis of the basic fruit level social development.

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