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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Indian Freedom fighter Shah Wajihuddin Minhaji

Indian Freedom fighter  Shah Wajihuddin Minhaji

Before 1947, when the whole of India was troubled by the oppression of the British and they had no choice but to revolt, at the same time there was a man who had plagued the British, even so much that the British gave him He even announced to give thousands of rupees as a reward to the one who took the live or dead person, yet the English commander could never catch him by his real name. In 1942, under the leadership of Shah Umair Saheb, who stood up in the first line of "Dr. Syed Shah Wajihuddin Minhaji" Jung-e-Azadi, who raised the flag of revolt in Arwal, Bihar, he continued to proclaim his bravery and loyalty to the Hindustani people.


You were born in Gaya district of Bihar in 1907, your Ibtadai training took place at home, where you studied Persian 1 from Maulvi Musa Raza Saheb and Persian 2 in Madrasa Sahasram, then in 1920 you were enrolled in Islamia High English School Got it done in In 1920, during the Khilafat Tehreek and Non-Cooperation Movement, the Congress announced a boycott of a government school, which resulted in your Walid Saheb expelling you from that school; Then in 1921, the foundation of the "Gandhi Qommi Vidyalaya" National School was laid in Gaya. In that school you enrolled in 3rd class, spinning spinning wheel and knitting clothes were absolutely necessary in this school. Here you found Azim Inklabi masters like Baba Khalil Das, Qazi Ahmed Saheb, Kishan Prasad Saheb from whom you learned to read, debate, and then you were called to participate in every big and small program.

The point is in 1922, when you were climbing the table in Gaya's bar library and giving arguments; Then the policeman there did not like it and arrested you and presented it to the judge of the same bar (court); At that time, you were just 15 years old, the judge was surprised to see a young boy in front of him and he asked you some questions, which you answered very impatiently, the judge was very happy to see your courage and he gave the people To ensure that no one bothers you, then what was Advocate Maulvi Khalilur Rahman Saheb given you a table and said "Now run over it" and this was the atmosphere that started making you an inkling.

In 1923, the annual congregation of the Indian National Congress, Khilafat Committee, Akali Dal and All India Jamiat Ulma was celebrated with great pomp in the city of Gaya, making you the supervisor of your Omar's Volunteer. This was the same year that the Congress began to prevail, the Congress started getting into gangs inside, "Desh Bandhu" on one side and "Mahatma Gandhi" on the other. This impacted the people on "Gandhi University School"; The talk started to become "Hindu Muslim", Muslim teachers and students left school, "Gandhi University School" was now a "Hindu Muslim School" but it could not work for long, but the school was closed in a few months. , Now you turned back to the government school, then your father sent you to Calcutta to study in 1924, because of illness, you left school and returned to study in 1 year. You were treated in Gaya after which all the accumulated capital of your father was exhausted and you had to leave your studies in the middle forever.

In 1930, the passion of reading in you was awakened again, in 1931 you topped the exam, but failed due to number 6 in the university exam; But after seeing your realization, in 1931, you were made the Sadar or President of Jamiatul Talba Gaya.

It was only in 1931 that you started writing a hand-written form called "Hindustan", which the English government confiscated as a garden. In the same year, you read your last "Muslim title" at the end of Jama Masjid in Gaya city, on the last Jumme (Jumatul Veda) of Ramadan, after listening to it, the whole Majma was excited, you were not even there yet; That the sub-inspector arrested you; But you could not prove the culprit and you were exonerated by this time your age was just 24 years.

After this incident, your Walid Saheb sent you to Muzaffarpur, but in 3 months you returned from there. You had spent a few days in Gaya that Walid ordered you to go back to Muzaffarpur, but your heart was not ready to go there. Walid Saheb decided to pay you rent till Muzaffarpur, but instead of going to Muzaffarpur, you came to Patna from Gaya city, and joined the Ittehad Conference and reached Calcutta.

Now you had nothing other than clothes draped over your body, just like how you took the position of agent in a photo-shooting company, after a month of hard work, you were given 60 rupees, so you bought a silk cutpiece and whole Started tour of Bengal, going to Dhaka, Murshidabad, Midnapore, Parganas, Rangpur, you went to the border of Assam, wandered all the market towns on the way, you also started buying goods for the make up of Bengalis, similarly in 3 months. Passed and you made a profit of Rs 250 but it had a bad effect on your health, at last you bought a table, chair, table, wardrobe etc. for those rupees and rented a room for Rs. 14 per month. Opened office of Sa-Min Publicity & Printing Beaure}. Contract for Urdu, Hindi, English was also found and in a few days, the work was very good, so due to this, he kept 2 helper for 20 rupees every month.

In 1932, Ittehad Conference was held in Calcutta, representatives from all the states of India were coming and your name was introduced from the state of Bihar. Now by handing over all the work to the helper, you started making this conference a success, in this conference, Maulana Ahmed Sindhi, Maulana Gulshan Khan, Maulana Irfan Saheb, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya Wagaira had come, the oldest working age. Among those, Haris Saheb, AAP and editor Ajmal were Bombay ones. But due to some reason, the Ittehad Conference broke down and no success came.

This year, the "All India Muslim Conference" was scheduled to take place in Calcutta and according to you, there were completely European powers behind it; That's why you opposed it, you started a "Muslim Conference" by forming a committee of young Muslims "Bengal Muslim Youth Party"! People made you the Sadar of this party.

The representatives of the "All India Muslim Conference" also started conspiracy against the AAP people; You used all kinds of ridiculous things about people; But you did not budge and continued to protest against them, every morning and evening in Calcutta against the "All India Muslim Conference" began to be aroused; But you did not get any special success. The "All India Muslim Conference" people fixed the date of the prom and people started coming from all over the state to join it, now seeing no option, you guys decided to make a fight at Jasle's place, after which "Muslim Conference "You have a clash with the people," in which many of your colleagues got injured; You also got hurt, but you people do not panic; Turned back towards the prom site and began to uproot the pandal; Due to which there was chaos in the entire area.

When any representative of the "Muslim Conference" would come on stage taking the experience, you and your partner would make a ruckus and force him to sit; As a result, not a single member of the "Muslim Conference" could be included among the people. This was a great success for you, because of this people from all over Calcutta started recognizing you and the youngsters had become your admirers. In 1932, you were made the secretary of Bengal Majlis Ahrarul Islam, but you resigned because of the trade, but after 2 months you were made the secretary and you could not refuse this position by coming under the pressure of the people. .

On 15 June 1932, there was a raid on your house at 4 am; The CID had surrounded your house all around, showing the search warrant, the police started the search, in which they found the British anti-Baghina pamphlets and many illegal items, the police confiscated everyone and arrested you and walked along Said to; But you clearly refused to walk, then a motor was brought to you, till then you bathed and had breakfast, then said goodbye to your friends and walked with them. The next day, all the newspapers in Calcutta printed this sentence on the white topper. You were sent to police custody for 14 days; Where the executioner inflicted all kinds of persecution on you; But you did not open your mouth, you lost 18 pounds due to 14 days without any human being in police custody. Finally, after being defeated, you were sent to Alipore Central Jail, where a group of people came to know about your life.

The case was presented to the Chief Presidency Magistrate, 5 times were imposed on you, in which you could have been hanged for 30 months, 7 years, 14 years, 30 years. On your side, Congress leader Gupta Saheb, who was considered a successful lawyer at that time; Lobbying was done. And standing shoulder to shoulder with him was Maulvi Advocate Shamsuddin Saheb who used to advocate in the Kolkata High Court. Apart from him, the Bansala Court's consul GC Mukherjee and JNP TP Chatterjee were also representing the case.

The iniquities of the people and people of the people brought color, and not a single crime against you could be proved in court; But even then the magistrate imposed a fine of Rs 50 under the 18A Press Act and was sentenced to 35 days' punishment for non-payment of fine.

You did not have money, so your close 'Bhole Mian' and 'old man' wanted to get you released by paying 50 rupees to the judge; But you hated the British so much that you did not want to give a single penny to these Firangyos. So you refused and thought it appropriate to stay in jail for 35 days.

You were then sent to Kolkata Presidential Jail; Then the next day you were flown to Alipore Central Jail, there were thousands of young people of your age in the jail; Due to this, there was a lot of fighting in jail, time passed slowly and there was some improvement in your health as well. At last the day of your release has arrived, hundreds of people were standing at the prison gate to greet you with a decorated motor and flower garlands; You also had many friends in it. The whole area resonated with the words of Nara e Takbir "Allah O Akbar".

The next day, under the banner of "Bengal Majlis Ahirul Islam" from Muslim A Calcutta, an Azimushan Jalsa was done in your Istqbal, in which people cheered you, news of all these things had come to your father. In writing, you were instructed to come to 'Gaya' immediately, because your company was closed and all the money was lost, so you too thought of going home selling all the furniture and reached "Gaya". People also warmly visited you there, you wanted to go back to Calcutta but you could not move under the pressure of the housemates, finally you were married on 29 June 1934 to tie you up to the responsibility.

"My wish is that my life be sacrificed on the sacrificial ghee of Mādar e Watan ... instead of dying by rubbing the feet on the bed A Rāmg, in the field of Allah in the path of Allah, or on the plank of the gallows, I live… Amen, Summa Amen - time "

(Shah Wajihuddin 'Garm' Minahaji 1-Feb-1936)

Since the whole blood running in the body was believing
So where was "hot" going to be silent .. !!

You resorted to your pen for the sake of the British and again the period of hand-written magazine started. You used to write a revolutionary magazine, which you named "Bagi", in which after writing the story of the British persecution, he used to protest against the British from Awam. In this magazine, he refused to have any kind of relationship with the British and requested that no Indian should work with the British. And he used to distribute this magazine himself from village to village.

The name of the person who removed this magazine could not be known till date, but from the present and details of that magazine, the British guessed that it was called "Shah Waziuddin Minhaji" in Bihar under the name of "Hot Azimabadi" Were famous; He used to write Due to this, you have also been arrested many times on suspicion, whose witnesses are Bhagalpur and Gaya. But could never be proved a crime, because of this you always used to come out of jail. You were also very fond of Shero Shayari, you wrote a lot of ghazals only behind bars.

The more you were proud of being a Muslim, the more you hated those who ruled in the name of Muslim, you openly opposed the "Muslim League". You had rejected Theori of Jinnah's Two Nation, whose glimpses show you in this eagle of his ghazal.

"I wanted to accept Qaid-e-Azam,
Allah saved me, I could not do that .. "

You were a great revolutionary, writer, poet and social worker, but I have been able to gather this much information for the present, so I will end this fun by presenting you with a ghazal, and you will be on November 15, 1984. had gone.

My mistake is to leave the Kaaba,
Lajjat ​​shanas bazm e kalisa na could not ..

I could not give alam a Islam,
The curtain did not exist without Makronoud ..

Ahmad A. Mursil's name repeatedly
Khidmat guzar pir e kalisa na could not ..

The garden could not provide the prophet with medicines,
Nasur e kalab milte baiza na ..

Wanted to accept Quaid Azam,
Allah saved, it could not happen ..

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