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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Lakes of Jammu and Kashmir

Lakes of Jammu and Kashmir

Known to see some of the important lakes of the state of Jammu and Kashmir which is located in Chino Ca, it is also the second largest lake in the state


We also known as the American legal fault Natural freshwater lake fed by the Jhelum River . The lake is also an important source for commercial operations in fishing and water plant harvesting. The second is McGinley. It is right next to Dudley and is sometimes considered a part of the leak and is connected via a narrow street to call the representative. It is a natural freshwater lake with a few channels that connect to the Chilam River. The third is Angelique. It is located at a distance of about 5 kilometers from Delhi, it can never. As long as it is connected to Lake Dye via Shannon, called Ahmed Khan Nala, the excessive water of the lake is diverted from here, it is a natural leak, but it is currently in poor condition and a wetland. Has changed The fourth is violent. It is located, but people are in Janaki district.

It is one of Asia's largest and natural freshwater lakes, a league bus inverse formed as a result of tectonic activity and fed to the tail end, is also part of a LAN server. 10 sites. The fifth part is with us, but it lies in the Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir like 15 km southeast of Willow Lake, it is a natural freshwater lake with no major inlet channel and is mainly rainy snow. The falls are justified, however, that the spring water flows through a regulated outflow channel to the Chatham River. 61 is leaked so it is located in Ganderbal district of Kashmir valley. The lake is fed mainly by melting of glaciers. It is a natural lake and is considered one of the high altitude lakes, as I find it to be located at high altitude. Also called legal traffic leak and illegal traffic lake. There is a lake with low Newton content that limits the lake's ability to support animal and plant life but water such leaks from high drinking quality. Seventh Global is leaking. No, it is located on the suicide Oak Mountains of the foothills in the Connecticut District. It is a high altitude natural freshwater lake that is tasty and rained by springs, even it is an oligotrophic lake which means it contains less nutrients to support the life of any animal or plant But it is very high quality drinking water. H. Forest. s. Christians are lakes. Even this is a high altitude illegal traffic leak located in my cost Ganderbal district. Even it is a freshwater lake which is rained by glaciers and springs. B. 91 Chancellor is leaked. Even this is a high-altitude illegal traffic leak located in the gun w district. Just 5 kilometers southeast from Christian. Even it is a freshwater lake which is rained by glaciers and springs. 10 to 60 is a monster leak notice located 60 km from the city of Jammu. It is a natural freshwater lake fed by rain and ground water. It is also part of a planned sites launch. The lake also has religious significance, which is the agricultural runoff and cremation ritual for the main hazards visitors. One from 11 is suddenly a quiet one. No, this lake is located 12 km north-east months ago. In order to achieve this within 7 months, a lake was placed at the monitoring sites so that the rain would leak without Bowman inside and even this lake as well as the demon had religious beliefs, so both lakes Exits the scope. 21 s. Marcel leak. It is located in the untouched district of the Kashmir Valley. Even it is an oligotrophic lake and it is located exactly where you operate it and Bach I have already told you the meaning of the article traffic that these natural freshwater There are lakes with very little Newton content and did not support any animal and plant life, although they are very good for drinking purpose. The thirteenth is also leaking. Even it is an oligotrophic high altitude leak. It is located just 3 kilometers east of Lake Mawson on the west coast. You will find the Dutch come to the national park and the rest of you know the meaning of illegal. There are traffic leaks. Amanda Koloi is fourteenth. Even this is an oligotrophic hi all leaking it is located in the variable district of course means

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