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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

meteor shower 2020

meteor shower 2020


important announcement there's a meteor stream happening and that we mean immediately perseids are meteor showers that appear to return out of the constellation perseus every august consistent with national geographic the perseid meteor showers can feature a mean of between 60 to 100 shooting stars within the peak hour perseids are caused by the debris field of the comet swift tuttle this comet was first spotted in 1864 and it treks round the sun about every 133 years the comet also leaves behind a trail of debris across earth's orbit the comet's diameter of 26 kilometers is longer than manhattan at 21 kilometers this makes swift tuttle the most important object to repeatedly approach earth aside from the moon reports the comet is predicted to return within 1.7 million kilometers of earth in 3044. in fact none folks are going to be around by then the world crosses swift tuttle's debris field in august per annum when fragments of the comet fall

under the atmosphere they spend and become meteors consistent with the simplest time to look at the perseids is during their peak at 2 a.m on august 12th eastern daylight time so you're into stars and moons and stuff first of all catch your breath you nerd but that's only because we've plenty of content about meteors asteroids and therefore the super moon to point out you consistent with nasa the moon will reach its closest point to earth in 2020 on april 7th getting as close as 356 907 kilometers from earth this phenomenon is popularly referred to as the super pink moon the complete moon will appear on tuesday night it'll emerge on the other side of the sun consistent with earth-based longitude at 10 35 pm eastern daylight time the closeness between earth and a moon makes the moon seem around 7 percent larger

Then the typical full-of-the-moon and 14 brighter than when the moon is at apogee nasa explains that the super pig moon receives its name from the herb moss pink also referred to as wild ground flocks which blooms in eastern us during spring unfortunately with all the lockdowns and self-isolation regulations imposed in countries round the world not many of us are going to be out moon gazing but hey if you've got a window or porch or any access to the surface world take a flash to travel out search at the sky and forget the corona craze for just a short time last month an asteroid the dimensions of midtown manhattan got a touch too on the brink of comfort now another space rock that would wreak havoc on earth is close to get a touch bit closer consistent with nasa this year's second largest potentially hazardous near-earth object is incoming at speeds of over 11 000 kilometers per second and can zoom past our planet on may 21st asteroid 136796 also referred to as 1997 bq is estimated by nasa to be between 640 meters and 1.4 kilometers wide that's roughly the dimensions of the Golden Gate bridge 1997 bq orbits our sun every 844 days it crosses earth's orbit twice on its journey round the sun on its closest approach and travels beyond mars and near the belt at its farthest approach consistent

with nasa's asteroid watch on may 21st it'll pass earth at a distance of 6.2 million kilometers that's quite 16 times the typical distance between earth and therefore the moon but slightly closer than this year's largest potentially hazardous near-earth object 1998 or2 need to earth on april 29th an enormous asteroid classified as potentially hazardous by nasa is barreling toward earth at speeds of 31 320 kilometers per hour and can street past our planet on april 29th asteroid also referred to as 1998 or2 is estimated by nasa to be between 1.8 to 4.1 kilometers wide that's roughly the dimensions of midtown manhattan it takes asteroid 1998 or two three years and eight months to orbit our sun its journey takes it near jupiter at its furthest point but just outside earth's farthest distance from the sun on its closest approach consistent with nasa's asteroid watch on april 29th it'll pass earth at a distance that's quite 16 times the typical distance between earth and therefore the moon nasa classifies a near-earth object either a comet or an asteroid as a potentially hazardous object if its orbit brings it within 7.5 million kilometers of earth's orbit and it's greater than 140 meters in size consistent with nasa's center for near-earth object studies as of april 21st some 22 582 near-earth objects had been discovered the newest data on the center's website shows that 9085 of those were 140 meters or larger in size and 902 were estimated to be larger than one kilometer by comparison the chixula asteroid that exhausted the dinosaurs is estimated to possess been a whopping 18 to 81 kilometers in diameter more thereon asteroid later nasa says that no human within the past 1000 years is understood to possess been killed by a meteorite or the consequences of a meteorite impacting we had an in depth call in 2013 when the chilean banks meteor came out of nowhere and exploded over siberia and leveled quite 2 000 square kilometers of uninhabited forest shock waves from that asteroid which was only the dimensions of a house blew out windows and damaged buildings over a 500 square kilometer area and injured quite 1 600 people consistent with nasa for more news animations and explainers

If you look up at the skies tonight it just might be able to see something like this you're looking at the annual Perseid meteor shower and it's expected to reach its peak and that means stargazers will have a chance to see some of the best meteors of the year. And speaking of stars let's bring in right now the CBC's senior sizer particle what a Lotto who's keeping an eye on this guy's tonight Nicole nice to see you I talked to us about the expectation here. So we're gonna see a lot of years and I can actually if you're confident enough in saying that you know so many given that you can see one or 2 a few meters here and there but with me here shortly Perseids what happens is goes through basically plows through this to bring leftover from a passing asteroid or comet and that increases our chances of seeing more meters in the persons are known for producing under ideal conditions up to 100 meters an hour now don't expect to see that necessarily but for example I went out last night and I called it a spectacular one that streaked across the sky and that's over Toronto with City Lights an honest with a street light right from my house so we can actually expect to see long streaks fireball so these are right here's and honestly you won't be disappointed. Won't be disappointed by what is the need we need some tips here what's the best way for people to watch tonight 12 course clear sky so what you want to get to a dark sky location that is first and foremost which you know I just said that I saw a meteor over the city but you know what you need to get away from City Lights from light sources coral park or beach at that's first and foremost the other thing is you gotta remember Steph the fob it takes time it takes awhile for our eyes to adjust to the dark so that light from your phone back into Iraq that adjustment in it could take up to 30 minutes June for your eyes to adjust I'm because you don't have to look this is really straight up you can look

Toward the east towards the consolation of course yes where are these fears seem to be coming from and that's in the east that consolation rises shortly around at 9:30 AM and and then the other thing is as well if you currently kind of person you could step just before dawn and that's actually would be yours he but first and foremost honestly it's a dark sky and be patient and I tell people you know don't expect to see a bunch of leaders right away but the other thing is you can actually this is the 1 time you can be a little socially rude don't look at each other with Europe watching with somebody because you might miss those meteors Custer really fast fleeting so just relax look up talk to each other keep those eyes on the sky okay so gaze at the stars not into each other's eyes good to know exactly.

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